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    How do we do everyone? My name is Akiko Sugahara. I obtained a PHD in complex science major, epidemiology. I have been working in Japan as a dietician for more than 25 years to support human health combining both western and eastern medical science. » more http://greencoffeee.cz/

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    Pseudo-food of the modern world Great success of pseudo-crab meat in America and the USSR

     In the perestroika times, the USSR opened itself to the information from abroad and its market to private capital. Soviet people began getting used to the Western lifestyle and food customs. magnet strong

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    Why are there so many homosexuals in civilized countries?Strange tastes result from the lack of zinc

    Every time when I go to a restaurant in America, I am disappointed with the quality and taste of food. Dressings are too sweet, dishes do not taste the way they should, and food in general seems to be third-rate. It is always a relief to come back to Japan where I can enjoy superb food without giving tips. I can not help but think how lucky I am to be born in Japan, but on the other hand Americans deserve admiration for being able to be satisfied with what they eat. » more men solution plus

    Selenium from brown rice preserves ebony hair

    During the recent boom of healthy food, many have changed their attitude towards brown rice. It has become popular, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, for example selenium, which is a constituent of a hair and is essential for the synthesis of the pigment melanin. In other words, it is very helpful in preserving glossy black ebony hair. senso duo

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    Doughnuts killed Presley.Stress is a guide to abnormal eating habits

    These days everybody knows that obesity is the cause of many adult diseases, but the fact that abnormal eating habits are closely connected with stress is surprisingly obscure. A good example is Elvis Presley who died very young, in his early 40s, of obesity caused by doughnuts.

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    Imported food sprinkled with insecticide.Imports agrichemicals residue exceeds domestic standards

    Thousands of tons of various food products enter Japan through its sky gate, Narita Airport, to find their way to the dinner table of the Japanese gourmet. It is hard even to imagine now to what extent Japanese food market depends on imports. The South East Asian route, mainly Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, has been gaining popularity recently. » more